Dance and Movement link emotion to a brand, bringing it to life. Excitement, joy, sadness or anticipation... our dancers can translate any emotion into movement and thus activate, touch, challenge and connect with the viewer using kinaesthetic empathy. If you want to achieve maximum effect, a film or commercial with dancing requires well-crafted choreography, the right dancers and proper preparation. The Movers are here to help you take anything dance-related out of your hands, meeting the expectations of the client and anticipating on productional or artistic issues related to dance on film.

The Movers is a dance production company and casting agency specializing in dance for film. We represent Movers that can take part in your productions as dancers, movement directors and choreographers. We provide a variety of services for our clients, ensuring the best results for their content.

Established out of a deep belief that movement and dance can be used as a vehicle to reach and move a viewer, we are convinced that we can make a valuable contribution to the film and advertising industry. This is done by providing versatile professional dancers and choreographers that have experience and affinity with working for the camera. We have first-hand knowledge of our Movers’ skills and specialties and can assist you in the entire casting process. But The Movers is more than another casting agency, and that is where we can really make a difference.


  • Choreography and Movement Direction

  • Advice, Research and Consultancy

  • Casting and booking dancers and choreographers

  • Rehearsing and preparing dancers for the shoot

  • Supervision on set

Founder Nicola Hepp has a longstanding fascination with the relationship between dance and the moving image. Her background as an experienced professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and filmmaker puts her in the centre of a vast network within the dance world and affiliated fields, in particular those closely related to the film industry.

The Movers are passionate about filming movement and dance. Our experience allows us to brainstorm with directors for ideas, understand the ins and outs of production and communicate with heads of departments about any issues related to filmmaking and our role(s) in that process. We take pride in our relationships with our clients and in always going the extra mile.

Movers Dance Film