A man experiences an unsettling encounter with someone very much like himself.
The Double is about the anonymity of urban life and takes its inspiration from the notion of a ‘doppelgänger’, a double.

Alessandra Pisu wrote about the film: A film about unexpressed possibilities, roads not taken, epiphanies, revealing glimpses; and that old fear, of meeting in person- someday-somewhere- the person we could have been.

The Double was a finalist of 60secondsdance.com 2016. It won awards for best choreography at Movimientos Urbanos in Chile and Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival, US. In 2018 it received an Honorary Mention at Dance on Screen Festival. The Double was screened at Cinematica Festival Italy, Bestias Danzantes, FIVA Almagro, Underexposed Film Festival, Miami Sceendance Festival and Chania Film Festival among others.

Dance: Terencio Douw and Gihan Koster
Choreography: Dalton Dangelo Jansen
Camera: Adnan Hasovic
Music: Anne Parlevliet
Director: Nicola Hepp